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Why choose PacificData

PacificData Co., Ltd., is a private corporation founded in 1993 to fill the need for professional user-oriented products and services on Japanese company financial information.

Comprehensive Solutions
PacificData provides integrated and comprehensive solutions on financial information of Japanese companies to the broad market of investors – from retail to institutional – worldwide.  Our product platform includes products, services and processes ranging from automated and scalable information acquisition and processing systems to fully customizable end-user applications.

Innovative Analytical Systems
Our new product platform, PacificBase Dynamics, provides customizable and shareable end-user analytical solutions on financial information on Japanese equities.

In addition, PacificBase Dynamics also provides mid-level analytical applications and systems  designed and developed to help research, quantitative and back-office support teams integrate, customize, automate and better manage in-house information and analytical workflows.

Japan Specialists
The PacificData team is comprised of investment professionals and Japan specialists. We have a proven track record for designing, developing and fully supporting premium products and solutions. We focus solely on the Japanese equity markets.

For All Investors
PacificData products and services have been used, since its inception, by professionals in major financial institutions worldwide and now, they are also available to individual investors.