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Quality Assurance

To ensure the highest levels of accuracy of our content, we have developed proprietary, automated and scalable information acquisition and processing systems as well as proprietary, stringent and highly automated quality control processes.

The integrity of our data series is maintained by our expert quality assurance teams who are well versed in Japanese and international accounting and financial disclosure practices. The teams carefully monitor individual data items as they pass through a suite of rigorous and automated proprietary testing systems to verify inventory, completeness, statement balancing, continuity and quality.

As part of our dedication to our customers, we ensure the highest levels of integrity by continually reviewing and improving our proprietary quality control processes.

New Data Entered Quality Control
(Company Level)
Quality Control
(Database Level)
  • 200-300 reports processed per day during the kessan tanshin peak period
  • 100-150 reports processed per day during the yukashoken hokokusho peak period
  • Over 30,000 reports processed annually
  • 100-200 IPOs processed annually
  • "On the spot" checking
  • Statement logic checks
  • Unit and permissible range checks
  • Historical continuity
  • Omission scans
  • 400-500 checks per report
  • Global QC check on daily processed information
  • Repeat company level QC
  • Inventory verification
  • PD code assignment check
  • Database consistency
  • Duplicate account entry check
  • Data synchronization