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Our Products

PacificBase Dynamics, is an analytical platform of integrated products and services providing comprehensive and bilingual information on Japanese equities.

With data series dating back as far as 1984, PacificBase Dynamics offers accurate, in-depth and timely financial information, both parent and consolidated on currently traded and de-listed Japanese companies.

The company information is obtained directly from detailed annual, semi-annual and quarterly financial reports (yukashoken hokokusho) and year-end, semi-annual and quarterly corporate earnings releases (kessan tanshin). Our data series incorporate all the latest disclosure changes in a disaggregated and unadjusted format as well as 3-month quarterly adjusted series.

To ensure the highest levels of accuracy of our content, we have developed proprietary, automated and scalable information acquisition and processing systems as well as proprietary, stringent and highly automated quality control processes.

To complement our extensive coverage numbering over 2,200 reported fundamental data items and over 640 pre-calculated ratios for each company, PacificBase Dynamics also includes market prices, trading volumes, issued shares, dividend information, total investment returns and corporate action data.

Designed to simplify your work, our bilingual applications are user-friendly, flexible and fully integrated with MS Excel. Functions are available with a few clicks of the mouse and require no prior knowledge of databases to search, display, manipulate, analyze and distribute information.

To ensure clients have the latest information and are informed on disclosure changes, our applications automatically update and refresh databases on a daily basis with new and revised fundamentals and calculated financial ratios, new company listings, new accounts, and new fiscal periods.

Our intuitive applications also provide you with the flexibility to control data manipulation and create custom solutions. Through seamless integration with Excel, we provide the necessary tools to develop, automate, manage and share your own analytical models, metrics, charts, portfolios, research reports and presentations.

Our Services

Whether you need to develop and automate a proprietary corporate valuation model or a turnkey solution for your entire global Japanese investment team or for your prime customers, we offer a wide range of dedicated consulting and customization services to meet your specific needs. This will enable you to minimize time and effort to generate your research, analysis and findings, thus reaching your customers promptly and efficiently.

Investor Relations (IR)
PacificData provides exclusive marketing representation services in Japan for products and services of foreign information houses. Foreign financial intermediaries entering the Japanese market rely on PacificData to perform effective market research and professional advisory services. Through a subsidiary we offer a variety of IR services to Japanese corporations. Our IR specialists are experienced in relations with foreign media and analysts, the redesign, translation and production of annual reports, corporate press releases, direct marketing related services and the production of financial marketing materials aimed at foreign audiences.

Corporate Governance
In order to meet growing investor needs for more qualitative company information, we have developed a corporate governance database to complement our highly detailed quantitative products and services. Based on annual reports from listed companies, this database covers individual company's corporate governance policies to information including directors, accountants and service fees.