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PacificBase Dynamics

Our core product platform, PacificBase Dynamics, provides instant access to the most detailed and accurate fundamental and market information available on listed Japanese companies.

Comprehensive and Enhanced Content
PacificBase Dynamics brings you a vast range of Japanese information with over 2,200 data items on each of the 5,500+ currently traded and de-listed Japanese companies, as well as REITs and IPOs. Our coverage includes all available annual, semi-annual and quarterly results on both parent and consolidated basis, along with detailed market data series.

Data series for periods where fiscal-year-end changes took place are also included as well as overlapping data series for periods where a major change has taken place in the accounting principles used to prepare financial reports (e.g., when a company changes from J-GAAP into IFRS, both sets of disclosed fundamentals are included for all relevant periods).

PacificBase Dynamics also provides an integrated, stand-alone Management Guidance data series, which include initial and all revised forecasts on performance and dividend-related information.

Full Market Coverage
PacificBase Dynamics includes all Japanese companies legally incorporated in Japan and listed in all Japanese exchanges, including foreign companies, listed in a Japanese exchange, that disclose their financials using Japanese accounting and in Japanese Yen.

Unadjusted and 3-Month Quarterly Adjusted
Information is gathered directly from quarterly, semi-annual and annual earnings releases and detailed financial reports as disclosed by companies to ensure a complete and accurate coverage.

The “as-reported” collected data series are presented in two separate, complementary databases: The first one, is in a disaggregated and unadjusted format, allowing the user to decide how information should be manipulated and utilized. The second one, aggregated by PacificData on a 3-month quarterly-adjusted format, is ready to be used “as is” and has been developed to greatly simplify the design and development of analytical models and derivative products by avoiding lengthy and cumbersome data manipulation.

Accurate and Timely
To maintain accuracy and integrity, information is acquired automatically from multiple primary sources and is subjected to a rigorous and proprietary data processing and quality assurance testing system to ensure that numbers balance and to guarantee that the data series can be trusted.

We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest providers in the industry. In order to provide the latest available information to our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible, our databases are updated daily and accounting disclosure changes are closely monitored and incorporated into PacificBase Dynamics on a regular basis.

Customizable and Integrated End-User Applications
We aim to empower the end-user by providing application building tools where users may easily custom-build, maintain and share their applications and content feeds.

All end-user applications have been developed in .NET and are integrated with Microsoft Excel. Our applications are familiar, straightforward and allow users to perform their tasks in either English or Japanese.

Simplified and Faster Back-End Connectivity
Whether at the office or on the road, DB connections can be easily switched between local PC/LAN and Cloud hosting. Our cloud servers are available in both Japan and the U.S. to enable faster connections (Europe forthcoming).

Automated Maintenance Application for Local Back-End Hosting
Windows Services-based application which may be scheduled to automatically update the back-end content and, if needed, its architecture.

Streamlined Back-End Architecture
Developed in SQL-Server and .NET using encrypted XML transmissions.  All data series are on a fully-normalized structure and tagged on a fiscal-period-end basis. 

Three sets of Fundamental Data Series are provided: “as-reported” data, 3-month quarterly adjusted data, and calculated ratios on an annual-year basis (3-month adjusted and TTM ratios forthcoming).  All data series are updated daily.

Modular and Dynamic Licensing System with Encrypted Transmissions
Products, services, and even product features may be added or discontinued from licensed end users without the need for a new license or software re-installations.