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Local Back-End Hosting

The PacificBase Dynamics Local Hosting Service has been designed and developed for those end users who must host and maintain the back-end databases in-house, whether in a local-area network (LAN) server, in a virtualized data center, or in a stand-alone computer.

This service is fully managed by PBMaintenance, a .NET- and WCF-based application which controls the creation, initial population, and daily update maintenance of the back-end SQL databases.

The PBMaintenance application includes the following features:

The PacificBase Dynamics Local Hosting Service may be licensed without end-user software. If end-user software is contracted, the service may include one, two or all of our end-user applications, which are developed in .NET and integrated with MS Excel.

In addition, if you need industrial-strength analytical power, you should also subscribe to our Analytical Engine Application, PDCalc. This application may be used as middleware between PBD’s back-end and PBD’s end-user applications to create, maintain and automate the calculation and transmission of proprietary metrics. It may also be used to upload and maintain in-house or third-party data series.

Local Hosting Minimum Requirements:

Minimum Client
Device Requirements
No End-User
Operating System (OS) Microsoft Windows Vista or Later
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Later
MS SQL Server Express 2008 R2-SP2 or Later
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or above
Microsoft Office
Software Applications
N/A Microsoft Excel 2007 or Later
Other Software
N/A Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or above
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools or Later
Hard Disk Space 10GB 14GB
Firewall Settings Licensing and Content: Custom settings may be required.