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License Fees

The PacificBase Dynamics platform is an integrated and modular system of products, services, processes and solutions which may be arranged in a variety of configurations, depending on the customers’ needs and requirements.

All products, services and features may be remotely added or discontinued from licensed end users without the need of new licenses or software re-installations.

License fees will ultimately depend on the contracted package of products and services and are inclusive of support services for software usage and data-related inquiries.

Licenses for any of PacificData’s products and services are annual in nature and are payable in advance.

Note that that licensing fees do not include: cost of installation of network systems, operating systems, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server or the cost of installation of third-party software, consumption taxes or other applicable taxes

PacificBase Dynamics

Features Front-End/Back-End Bundles Custom Databases (Bulk)
End-User Packages Analytical Engine
Lite Standard Premium
Standard Admin







Pre-Defined Metrics

End User Metrics

Single- or All-Sectors Metrics

"As Reported," 3-Month Quarterly Adjusted, and Calculated Series

Latest, 3-Month Quarterly, Interim, Annual, and TTM

Output Link

All Standard Features plus:

Pre-Defined Metrics (Admin Rights)

Custom Data Series Module

Company-Coverage Allocation Manager

CDS Excel Add-in

Batch-Processing Module

Back-End Hosting Cloud Only Local, Cloud or Both Local, Cloud or Flat Files
Back-End Applications N/A PBMaintenance (Local Hosting Only)
Daily Updates Included
Licensing Types Individual, Site or Corporate Site or Corporate
Annual Licensing Fees From US$6,000 From US$90,000

Custom Services

Custom Services Annual Fee in Japanese Yen
Customized databases, turnkey solutions, valuation models, earnings models, credit reports, financial apps, etc. Based on project requirements