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End-User Applications

PacificBase Dynamics’ end-user applications have been designed and developed to be used as stand-alone solutions to accomplish specific needs or as an integrated group of analytical components to solve and automate more complex tasks.

All end-user applications have been developed in .NET, are fully integrated with MS Excel, are bilingual and include building tools which enable end users to tailor and maintain their applications and information content feeds. Functions are available with a few clicks of the mouse and require no prior knowledge of databases to search, display, manipulate, analyze, and distribute information from and within our applications.

In addition, all applications can draw content from any or all of the three databases included in PacificBase Dynamics back-end, namely: unadjusted, “as reported” data series; 3-month quarterly adjusted data series and calculated data series. In turn, end-user worksheets may be created where all this content can be still further custom-tailored and standardized to generate specific analytical models and metrics.

PacificBase Dynamics includes four end-user applications:

Products and
Front-End/Back-End Bundles
End-User Packages
Lite Standard Premium
Front-End Applications Included DynaSolver DynaSolver
Back-End Hosting
Cloud Only Local, Cloud or Both