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The Analytical Engine

PDCalc has been designed to integrate and automate the operations involved in the creation, calculation and maintenance of financial- and market-related models and their associated metrics.

This industrial strength analytical engine, developed in .NET and SQL Server, is tightly integrated with the fundamentals and market data series included in the PacificBase Dynamics' (PBD) back-end. However, in-house (e.g., analysts’ forecasts) and third-party data series (e.g., intraday market data) may also be combined with PBD’s data series to create additional metrics.

Moreover, PDCalc may be used as middleware between the underlying content and PBD’s or proprietary end-user applications. These processes may be further automated by using PDCalc’s batch module.

The PDCalc Analytical Engine includes an easy-to-use and powerful analytical editor which can be used to create, calculate and maintain both standard and proprietary metrics. This editor includes the following features:

PDCalc Analytical Engine Versions:

PDCalc Versions Standard Admin
Default, Pre-Defined
Financial Metrics
Read/Copy Rights Full Administrative Rights
Financial Metrics
Included Included
or Single-Sector Metrics
Included Included
Underlying Fundamentals
and Market Data Series
“As Reported,” 3-Month
Adjusted Quarterly and
“As Reported,” 3-Month
Adjusted Quarterly,
Calculated and CDS
(when available)
Periodicity of Metric
Latest, 3-Month Quarterly, Interim, Annual and TTM
Custom Data Series (CDS)
Module and Excel Add-in
Optional Included
Batch Processing
Optional Included