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About PacificData

PacificData is a leading provider of analytical systems and integrated financial information on Japanese companies and markets, IR advisory services, and financial solutions development services. Our products and services are used by decision makers worldwide in the investment, credit, and corporate communities.

PacificData's initial product, PacificBase, was the first PC-based analytical service providing comprehensive information on Japanese equities to the specialist market.

Our new business platform, PacificBase Dynamics, has been designed to reach the broad market of investors – from retail to institutional – with more analytical and modular solutions, and distributed across a variety of platforms and devices.

With the launching of PacificBase Dynamics, we continue to strengthen and expand our core businesses by designing and developing new analytical applications; expanding the coverage of fundamental, market, and industry data on Japan; and by combining newly emerging information technology with ongoing changes in financial and accounting disclosure to generate more timely, flexible, mobile, and comprehensive products and services as well as new mediums of information delivery.

Our mission is to provide integrated and comprehensive solutions on financial information of Japanese companies to investors worldwide. Delivering high-quality content through innovative solutions quickly and effectively, we are the one-stop source for integrated analytical solutions on Japanese company information.

Our Commitment to Customer Service
At PacificData, we believe in building strong, long-term customer relationships by capitalizing on our dedicated, highly skilled support and professional consulting teams. Our experienced teams are comprised of multilingual, highly trained personnel with extensive knowledge in, among other areas, financial analysis, Japanese accounting and disclosure, and information technology.

Working alongside our clients, we aim to provide timely, flexible solutions by combining expert technical know-how with strong customer service skills to exceed client requirements. As a PacificData client, our teams are here to answer your immediate questions, offer assistance with complex tasks, provide training and keep you up to date with the latest market trends.